Hostal La Colonial Candelaria is located 3 km from the famous Orquidiario

Hostal La Colonial CANDELARIA, is located 3km from the famous Orquidiario (a wonderful botanical garden, specialized in orchids, wonderful flowers, and endemic species).
There are many places that are worth visiting, in addition to the uncontaminated landscapes and the valleys with fields of the best tobacco in the world. You have waterfalls where you can take a refreshing bath in its sulfur pools and feel a good massage to relax the day, the Horizonte Soroa Hotel (with Wi-Fi and Internet), the Terraces, the San Juan River, the Curujey Ranch, the Vegetarian Restaurant, the Café María, the fonda de Mercedes, the Polo Montañés museum, or the Casa del Campesino. They are places to enjoy and -in passing- you will get to know the real Cuba, since you will have left the typical commercial route.

Hostal La Colonial CANDELARIA is a building made in 2016, imitating the late colonial style. Obviously, the interior is a modern house, equipped, decorated and furnished to the current taste. Our hostel is known by many as "El Paraíso de Soroa". For us, it is -simply- "the ranch", because it is located in the middle of a fruit farm and a coffee plantation.
The hostel is a spacious house, where all the rooms have a view of the garden and two of its rooms have direct access to the terraces.
Curiously, it should be said that we are the only farm in the region that has a ceiba (the sacred tree of the Yoruba culture) with a size and size of more than 100 years. This tree was born when Cuba was Spanish, so if it could speak… it would probably tell us many stories.

At Hostal La Colonial CANDELARIA we have a drinking water well on the property, excellent pressure in showers and taps, and an electric power generator that meets the property's needs when storms cause a blackout.
My son Victor will be the one to receive you. He speaks perfect English and - despite his youth (21 years) -, he will help you coordinate how many experiences you want to have during your stay at our ranch. With it you can coordinate calls, excursions, get informed, go hiking and hike, hire horseback riding, rent a taxi ...
Jesús, my husband, is an artist and carpenter craftsman. He is the one who has made all the furniture in the hostel.
And I, Liliana, am a lawyer during working hours. Starting at 2:00 pm I get home and I already have contact with clients. I love to talk, I teach to speak Spanish, to dance, and I accompany you around the farm, giving you a tour of it so that you can learn about the tropical fruits and ornamental plants that we have.

Here customers are given the warmth of a Cuban family. With us you will get to know our customs and our culture.
By the way, I love to cook and my menus are deliciously homemade. We have great breakfasts (very complete) and great dinners. My cuisine is homemade, traditional, cuisine made with love, based on my own seasonal products. Eating with us you will have no complaints.